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The return of Sir Lancelot.

The class of a hero defines his basic ability levels and some of the skills available to him (there are two skill trees for each hero: a skill tree unique to each class and a personal skill tree for each hero).

All the heroes have a powerful retinue of soldiers accompanying them and together with these troops the hero is considered as one unit. On top of this each class has a special characteristic in the inventory: different classes can be equipped with differe
Champion Layout

Champion's equipment slots.

Warlord Layout

Warlord's equipment slots.

Sage Layout

Sage's equipment slots.

nt artifacts.

  • Champions have superior fighting capabilities and only they can carry shields and two handed weapons.
  • Warlords boost the statistics of the army in general or within a range of them in battles. Only they can carry banners.
  • Sages are better at using magic and their spell based damage is much higher, their unique artifact is the staff.

Main Heroes are the backbone of each army and they are required for accomplishing quests and Objectives. Their skills and abilities are exceptional. Without them the army cannot move and only they have two unique abilities:

  • Leadership is the limit of the number of unique units which can be in an army.
  • Magic shield is the army’s protection against the magical attacks of the enemy.
  • Each Army has its own Leadership rating, which receives it's sum from all Skills, Artifacts, and Provinces (Castles etc.) possessed by all Heroes in the army, though the total is only displayed in the Main Heroes' character window.

Each Army has its own Magic Shield rating, which receives it's sum from all Skills and Artifacts possessed by all Heroes in the army, though the total is only displayed in the Main Heroes' character window.

In the campaign, you have to wait until a certain point in the story, for your 2nd and 3rd armies which will automatically be given to you. You can't divide them yourself, unfortunately.

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